Custom Animal Pendants and Charms

Jewelry Inspired by Pets

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or something special for yourself, custom animal pendants and charms from Prickly Peach are a great choice. Own a piece of jewelry with that truly brings you joy and reminds you everyday of your best friend.

Ready to Order Your Custom Animal Piece?

If there is one thing Haley (the designer behind Prickly Peach Jewelry) loves more than metalsmithing, it's animals. Give us a picture or your furry (or scaly, slimy, whatever) friend and Haley will make you a piece you'll cherish forever.

Have it made as a pendant for jewelry or as a charm for your keychain. Haley will capture your dog's goofy smile, silly ears, and wild fur perfectly in sterling silver or the metal of your choice.